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What is the security on privacy of my personal data?
Málaga Taxi Services keep the user details to provide a better service, send bills or make the transfer easier. These user details will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will never be given to any third parties in any case. Bank card details are not retained nor visable in our servers

Does the credit card payment include any commission?
No, it is a closed and final price. We never charge any additional cost to those advised at the time of booking.

Are the prices shown per person or per group?
All prices are per vehicle, as that price can travel as passengers as the vehicle is able to; In the case of choosing a taxi, 4 people. If you have chosen a Minivan, 8.

Do I have to share the vehicle?
No, all our transfers are private and for exclusive use to you or your group.

How can I pay for my booking?
You can choose the payment after completing the form. You can choose one of this three methods: immediately card payment when you book, cash payment or card payment to the driver after the transfer.

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Always have local cash

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